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 [10.01.11] Seventeen Magazine

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MessageSujet: [10.01.11] Seventeen Magazine    Ven 14 Jan - 21:18


Citation :
17 : Do u guys go to work in US for long time. How about there?
WG: We worked with Jonas Brothers and We got chance to join their concert over 50 cities in US. We’re very impressed with them (JB). And we had own concert over 20 cities. Even though it’s very hard work for us, but we’re very happy because we have no chance to do these big things in Korea.

17: Working in US, it’s harder or easier than working in Korea ?
WG: At first time we reach in US, no one knows us. We also don’t have any fanclubs. But we do our best abilities to make people knows us. And after that, people started to know us and to sing our songs as well.

17: Your fanclubs in US almost are American, Korean or Asian?
WG: At first, we thought our fanclubs’d be only Asian. But we’re so surprised that we find out some of them’re American and they can sing WG’s songs.

17: When you’re touring in US, we’d like to know what do you guys miss the most in Korea?
Yubin: I miss my friends, family, my mother, Michael (her dog) and Chocolate (her cat).
Yeeun: I miss Korean fan club the most. Because when we ‘re in Korea, our fanclubs always support us (by screaming). But no one knows us in US.
Sunye: I miss family and my friends.
Sohee: I miss my room in Korea. When we’re in US, we’re sleepless due to hard working. Moreover we had to sleep in van. So I really miss my room (LoL)
Hyerim: I’m a new member, so I didn’t join that work with the others. But for me, I miss my family the most.

17: Because you always travel a lot… So we want to know what is the important thing that you have to keep with?
Yubin: Laptop
Yeeun: Laptop and MP3
Sunye: I’m addicted a book. And I also take Bible too.
Hyerim: Dairy. I almost write it every day.
Sohee: everything… I also take food for working time.

17: How to deal with Superstar’s life style?
WG: We never think we don’t have life style as normal teenager. And we never sad about this, because we love the way we do and we’ll do with our best.

17 : What do you do when you have free time?
Hyelim: I write my diary and decorate my picture book. Sometimes I make Power Point (laugh) about my life and our fans.
Sohee: I like to sleep, so I always in my room. (shyly smile)
Sunye: Reading books, kind of practicing English. If not, I’ll be with friends.
Yeeun: I like to check out fansites, leaving messages, talking with fans once a month. Anyway, I don’t tell them it is me cuz I once told them that “I’m Yeeun”, then, fans started to know that “I’m Yeeun” would come there once a month. But, there were some people who proclaimed to be me, after that, no one’s gonna believe me anymore.
Yubin: In the past, I like to watch movies. Now, I start to play guitar and learn it a bit.

17: How do you take care of yourself to look this good?
WG: We always go abroad. So when we find something new or beautiful, we change. And, we always go shopping, mostly in the Internet.

17: What ur fans do and make you guys impressed ?
WG: Most fans bring our pictures or videos together and make the VTR(with songs) and send to us. We were very impressed every time we watch them. I keep them in my Laptop.

17: curious to know what you guys will do 17 years from now?
Sunye: I may have a lovely family and be a beautiful mother.
Yeeun: I may be a mother too. And , I wanna go to other countries to help homeless children.
Yubin: difficult question..umm.. I may be a CEO (laugh).
Sohee: I may be a mother too. (laugh). A working mother.
Hyelim: I wanna have a Home-Made restaurant. Although I’m not good at cooking right now but I love cooking very much. I’m thinking to study cooking seriously.


SunYe :: YeEun :: SunMi :: SoHee :: YuBin :: HyeRim

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WonderFul Modo
WonderFul Modo

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MessageSujet: Re: [10.01.11] Seventeen Magazine    Sam 15 Jan - 13:00

J'adore YeEun et Yoobin sur la premiére photo. Je trouve dommage que SunYe soit floue.


© choops.
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Baby WonderFul
Baby WonderFul

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MessageSujet: Re: [10.01.11] Seventeen Magazine    Sam 15 Jan - 13:52

Trop belle *o* !

Marine _ Erika

WonderFulsVIP~4D Alien~x3

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MessageSujet: Re: [10.01.11] Seventeen Magazine    

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[10.01.11] Seventeen Magazine
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